Hello, from the Havelock North Business Association 

The Havelock North Business Association was formed in 1997, and is a non-profit incorporated society, separate to Hastings District Council (HDC) or any other corporate body. The Business Improvement District was formed in 2022 and is funded by a BID target rate, collected on commercial buildings within the rateable area (see membership inclusion zone below). The Association board is made up of owners and representatives of a number of businesses in Havelock North, Hawke’s bay. 

We represent over 350 businesses within the Central Business District (CBD), with our membership including retail, hospitality, trade, professional and service businesses, including landlords and tenants.

Our Association has three key roles, to provide a support network and advocate for local businesses as well as to develop strategies that enhance, promote and advance Havelock North as a destination.

 Continue reading below for full membership benefits, criteria to apply as a not in zone business and to learn more about out board. 

Membership |

Our aim is to make Havelock North the number one place in New Zealand to Shop, Eat, Stay, Play, Live and do business. We do this through marketing activities, vibrancy initiatives and providing support and advocacy to our members in the local business community.

Business located within our rated levy area receive an automatic membership to the Association through commercial rates paid by the land owners to the Hastings District Council.

For Businesses outside the BID area have the opportunity to enjoy the same advantages as our members by joining as an Associate Member. The membership fee is calculated through the Hastings District Council Rates Department and can be no less than what the business would pay if based within the BID area; the formula is set by the HDC Rates Department. Please enquire using the button below and the HNBA board will assess at their bi-monthly meetings, suitability is namely based on your location and connection to the Havelock North Business community.

We also consider complimentary associate memberships to registered not-for-profits and charity groups. Please get in touch via the below enquiry button.

Membership inclusions |

The HNBA’s main role is to provide advocacy and support to our members as business owners and managers. We do this by building and maintaining strong relationships with external stakeholders such as the Hastings District Council. We also connect regularly with with other local business support providers and government agencies to ensure we are connecting our members with relevant information.

The Association’s volunteer board and council representatives meet bi-monthly to discuss new actions, where we sit with annual and strategic planning and other issues as they arise. 

The association has 2 contracting roles which are the main point of contact for the HNBA. Our Association Manager, Emma McRobbie carries- out the directives and works on behalf of the board. Due to our recent growth we have also taken on a part-time Social Media and Administration Co-ordinator Marie Weber.  

What we offer our members includes, but is not limited to:

  • Marketing & promotion

  • Listing on our Interactive Map

  • Networking

  • Training & support

  • Weekly information via our e-newsletter

  • Eligibility for election to the HNBA Board


We manage the havelocknorth.co.nz (& havelocknorthnz.com) which brings in 1000’s of unique visits per month. We monitor our  SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) which helps our websites business listings to rank high in search engines (e.g. Google) searches which is a great benefit for our members to help connect with a wider audience. We aim to tie the majority of our marketing activity back to our website to add maximum value to our business listings.

Social Media

We curate the @LoveHavelockNorthNZ social media and have a combined 20,000 followers across Facebook and Instagram. We use our platforms to excite people about local happenings, events and of course to share our members’ businesses.

Member Events

The HNBA runs bi-monthly networking events, provides access to workshops and run the Havelock North Business Awards. 

Notice of 2022 AGM

The 2022 Annual General Meeting of the Havelock North Business Association is to be held Thursday 22nd September 2022 at St Georges Restaurant.

RSVP’s have now closed, please send any apologies and proxy form to the Association Manager – info@havelocknorthnz.com

There are up to 7 seats available for board positions; Board Chair and treasurer role are to be voted in by the board at the first meeting of the new board. This year’s board nominations are as follows, and are to be officially voted in at the AGM.

Re-standing: Debbie Clifford (Blackboard Jungle), Natalie Berry (Arataki Honey), Aaron Mills (Havelock North Motor Lodge)

New nominations: Tom Hartley (Hartley and Associates), William Aitken (Fortify Clothing), Casey Anderson (RTA Studios), Nait Scott (Mackersey Development)

Notice of proposed constitution update

At the 2022 Annual General Meeting of the Havelock North Business Association the board proposes to make amendments to the existing constitution – please see the document with the changes as referenced. 

The board is proposing these changes to update our constitution last amended in 2018. These changes are to bring our constitution in line with our current position following our rated area expansion and move to a BID model with Hastings District Council.

Proposed amendments are:

  • Changing the wording of President to Chairperson, to reflect the change to the role with the employment of an Association Manager.
  • 14.00 Addition of Association Manager role, replacing a board member acting as secretary
  • 4.4 Change of statement in regards to rebates swapping ‘not for profits and charities’, to ‘Registered charities’
  • 4.5 Removal of the rebate for businesses ‘on a case by case basis, subject to board approval clause
  • 10.10 Removal of a clause allowing board honoraria, board roles are now all voluntary only.
  • Adding a reference to digital files and forms as acceptable options
  • 10.6 Changing the required quorum from 5 board members to 60% of board members, to allow for fluctuation for board numbers between 5-7.
  • 9.0 (a)Amending of board positions to reflect duties taken by the manager – removal of secretary and some treasury duties.
  • 9.0 (c) Adding a clause that board members endeavour to hold office for 2 years
  • 12.0 The finance section was updated to reflect 2 signatory policies already in place for all account transactions and can include Manager as one of the two required.
  • 10.13 Adding indemnity for Contractor/employee clause

The Havelock North Business Association Board

The board for the Havelock North Business Association is made up of local business owners and representatives who are passionate about the Havelock North business community and its growth.

Annually, before the AGM we take nominations for new board members from our current membership. To submit your interest please get in touch with Emma McRobbie, the Association Manager.