Listing Options & Costs

Basic Membership: $150 +GST, PER ANNUM

Lower priority profile listing on the website
Business name, address, phone, email, website and enquire button on the website
Inclusion of 1 image showcasing your business, provided by you
Basic listing description of up to 10 words
Listing loaded under 1 category
Representative and accompanying staff welcome at Meet and Greet networking events
1 Representative at AGM

Enhanced Membership: $300+ GST, PER ANNUM

CBD levy members can opt to upgrade to enhanced membership for $150 +GST, per annum
Basic level inclusions, plus +
Higher priority profile listing on the website
Social media links included for 2 platforms
Up to 9 images showcasing your business, provided by you
A listing description of up to 25 words
A click-through profile listing of up to 100 words
Listing loaded under 2 categories (if appropriate)
Representatives at AGM (2) and workshops (1)
Priority sites at HNBA organised events, extra change for power or hire items may apply
One posting on our public Facebook page per year to promote your business
(Basic members can only be promoted as part of a collective of at least 6 members)

NOTE: If you are in the CBD catchment levy area a basic membership is at no cost to you, but upgrades may incur a fee of the difference between basic and the level you upgrade to

Non Profit & Community Organisations

You can apply in writing for free Basic membership stating their case.

Please print registration form, fill in, scan and email back along with your letter explaining why you should be considered for Free Basic Membership.


Annual membership runs from 1st July to 30th June. You have the choice of 2 tiers of Association
membership. Notice of renewal will be sent out automatically on the 1st of June each year.