Window to world for Bay producers

A one-stop site for selling Hawke’s Bay products has been created by 19-year-old Harry Greig.

His website madeinhawkesbay.com places Hawke’s Bay produce in one place.

He said the site received positive response from producers and customers “for its ability to take the best of Hawke’s Bay to the rest of the country”.

The inspiration was seeing the difference on retail shelves in Hawke’s Bay compared with the rest of New Zealand.

I have been down south for a while and coming back to Hawke’s Bay you are seeing all these products you don’t see in the rest of New Zealand.

He said it was his first entrepreneurial venture.

“It’s an experiment while I’m back in Hawke’s Bay. I’m trying to get a whole lot of producers to work together – it is quite hard to do that when you are trying to take your product to the rest of the country.”

Local brands including Hawthorne Coffee Roastery, Telegraph Hill, Te Mata Figs and The Damson Collection feature in the Pantry section of the website.

David Trubridge jewellery is is available, as is art work from Alan Clarke, John Spittle and Polli Prints.

“Made in Hawkes Bay is essentially a celebration of what our locals are achieving,” Mr Greig said.

“Whether it be in the workshop, art gallery or studio, Hawke’s Bay producers are creating some beautiful products. We are collecting these items and uniting them under a brand that we hope will become recognised throughout New Zealand.

“It is celebrating what Hawke’s Bay has and trying to promote it on one on-line site which can be accessed by people across the country and across the world.”

Mr Greig has been studying hotel management and is working at a Hawke’s Bay hotel.

“That keeps me busy when I am not involved with the site.”

This year he won a trip to France thanks to an app concept that lets travellers plan and book for a holiday tailored to their age and preferences. The project was part of his studies at Queenstown Resort College, for which he will work in Switzerland next year.

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