HNBA Street Ambassadors

Our Street Ambassadors are the ‘go to’ people in your street. If you have a concern, a question or have some positive news you would like to share, please get in touch worth your street ambassador. These people are volunteering their time to ensure we have a strong, vibrant village where everyone is watching out for each other. Feel free to get in touch and share the love.

Your Street Ambassadors left to right, top to bottom are:

Will Atkin, Hunt and Seek – Napier Road retail: Roundabout to Porters Drive

Will Wilson, Loading Ramp: Treachers Lane, Columba Way

Campbell Thorton, Thornton Realty: Cooper Street, Left side

Mike Hill, Hillmac MD: Martin Place

Rebecca Field, Caci Clinic: Porter Drive: Te Aute roundabout to Napier Road

Carl Leipst, Diva: Napier Road: Porters Drive to Crosses Road

Hamish McBeth, Jade Promotions: Cooper Street, Right side

Jane Mackersey, Ribbonwood cottages: Middle Road, outer

Melissa Vetter, Works Wellness: Donnelly Street

Jarnail Sigh, The Milk Bar: Joll Road

Louise Ward, Wardini: Te Mata Road Retail and Village Court

Andrea Napier, Andreas: Porter Drive: Te Aute roundabout to Joll Road

Rachel Sedger: Outer Havelock North, rural

Jeni Gilbert Cox, Harvest Lodge: Havelock Road: Porter Drive to St Andrews Road

Kay McGarva, Muse: Havelock Road Retail and around to Porters Hotel

Maxine Brown, Lee James/Compleat: Middle Road retail: Roundabout to Porters Drive

Wayne Bradshaw, Te Mata Limes: Te Mata Road: Library to Chalk n Cheese